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12 Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day


Nowadays, wearing wigs has become quite common. If you use wigs daily or are planning to, then you've come to the right place. Here are twelve tips that you should be following for wearing wigs every day.

  1. Ensure Your Wig Is Of Correct Size

When purchasing a wig, always check if it fits perfectly. Otherwise, you'll face a lot of trouble. For example, oversized wigs cannot be secured with ease and slip off easily.

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  1. Always Use A Cap Liner

Whether you have hair or are bald, always wear a cap liner before putting on the wig. That is because it ensures secure placement, and your wig won't get dirty from beneath. It also prevents irritation of the scalp.

  1. Use Clean Tools

Whenever you use a brush or a comb, ensure that it is clean. That is because dust particles and product residues can decrease the life span of your wig.

  1. Get Extra Wigs

If you wear wig toppers daily, then it's best to get spare ones too. They can be of the same or different styles. The main aim is not to wear the same wig every day. Otherwise, you will have to wash it frequently, and this reduces its charm.

  1. Don’t Remove The Ear Tabs

All wigs come with ear tabs. When they are at the same place on both sides of the head, it means your wig is in the correct spot. That is why make use of them instead of removing them.

  1. Don't Touch The Wig

After placing the wig, it's best to forget about it. Don't try to adjust it or play with the hair. Otherwise, you'll end up with knots that will be difficult to open.

  1. Use A Comb With Wide Teeth Only

Whenever you want to fix your style, always use a comb with wide teeth. Avoid using brushes as they tangle the hair further. A comb is also the only tool you should use if you wear a curly wig.

  1. Flatten The Wig

Sometimes the wigs may have extra volume near the hairline and flyaways. That is why for the best look, you should rub your hands for a few seconds and press them on the wig for flattening.

  1. Use Concealer On Hairline

When the wig material touching the scalp does not match your complex, don’t worry. You can use a concealer on the part to fix the issue and give yourself a natural look.

  1. Never Sleep With Your Wig

No matter how tired you are, never think of sleeping with your wig on. The hair will tangle up, and the wig will become frizzy. This will not be easy to fix. That is why never sleep in your wig.

  1. Don’t Wash After Every Use

If you wash your wig every day, please stop. You'll only damage it and reduce its life span. A wig should only be cleaned after 8 or 10 uses.

  1. Don't Keep It In A Drawer

Carefully storing your wig is essential. Preferably get a stand or a mannequin on which you can place the item. It prevents it from tangling and unnecessary damage.

Final Words

These are the top twelve tips for wearing a wig every day. By following them with devotion, your wigs will last longer, and you will have a more natural appearance.

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