How Much Hair Do You Need For A Hair Topper?

The thinning of hair is a severe issue for many people around the world. Losing hair volume can affect your beauty and confidence. Luckily, there is something you can do to tackle the problem.

Hair toppers are the best way to prevent people from knowing about your hair thinning problem. These are different from wigs and blend in with your natural look. That is why they are the preferable option for many people suffering from hair thinning.

Here is everything you must know about hair toppers and how much hair is required for them.

What Is A Hair Topper?

Before we dive into the technical specifics, you need to know what a hair topper is. Many of you may consider them as a synonym for wigs. However, that is not true. Their function may be similar, but the wearing mechanism is different.

The hair topper is primarily a half-wig that partly covers the top of your head. They are mainly worn due to partial baldness and hair thinning. You have to attach the topper to your natural hair using clips. It acts as a supportive piece.

How Much Hair Do You Need For A Hair Topper?

Many of you may be thinking about the minimum hair requirement to wear a topper. Well, there is no fixed amount of hair you should be having. Besides that, toppers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The only requirement for you is that most of your head should be covered with hair. That is because the hair topper only covers a part of your head. If you are bald, then you will have to get a wig.

Of course, some manufacturers do sell hair toppers that cover a full head. In such cases, the amount of hair won’t matter. However, the length of hair does play a role in getting the right topper.

How To Choose The Best Topper Size?

Before you shop for a hair topper, you must know the amount of your hair loss. To learn this, you will need a measurement tape. Once you have the tool, you must measure the front-to-back hair loss area.

Additionally, you must measure the loss from side to side as well. Keep in mind to add one extra inch to every measurement you take. The final values you’ll get will be the size of your topper.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Getting A Hair Topper

When purchasing a hair topper, you must remember some points, or else you’ll end up with the wrong product. Firstly, you should look for an item with the same hair color as your hair.

Even a slight color difference will display that you’re wearing a topper. Besides that, you must know your hair length. The hair topper should be of the same length to blend naturally.

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about how much hair is necessary for hair toppers. The products are typically hand-made. That is why their price varies and depends on hair length and density.

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