My magic instrument for hair, the Real Human Hair Toppers for Volume-By Mabel Windler

Are you also absolutely sick of your thin hair? Flat especially from the crown which makes your face look bigger than it actually is? Then I have just the solution for you all! My magic instrument for hair, the Real Human Hair Toppers for Volume by

Now you must be wondering what exactly a Hair Topper is. Hair topper also goes with the name of Hair enhancer. It is basically a miniature version of a wig. Toppers usually vary in sizes and is a great option for women who feel their hair is very flat or thin or if they want to cover bald spots. It is very easy to use as it has clips at the back of it, all you have to do is clip the topper on the crown part of your head, wear your hair down and voila! You have voluminous and alluring hair locks! I honestly find the topper very easy to carry and it makes me look like I’ve spent a huge amount of time setting up my hair, making them look fabulous- but you know my secret now!

Now let’s talk about the features of this hair clip. The material of hair on this piece is 100% human hair. Which gives you an option to play with it by curling it from your curling wand, or you can even straighten them for a sleek look or crimple it for a change! You can get it in three lengths of hair, 12 inch if you have shoulder length hair, 18 inch if you have your hair till shoulder blades or 20 inch if your hair falls to your mid back.

The base size of the topper is 5.0×6.0 inch, which makes it easier for the topper to sit on the top of your head or the crown area. It comes with 3 pressure sensitive clips that attaches to your natural hair firmly. It is available in different hair colors however you also get an option to custom color the hair.

My personal favorite  is 613 platinum blond ombre hair topper by Mysecret Wigs, It goes and matches with my bio hair completely! It is a shade of blonde with blacks in the middle.

The gist of 613 platinum blond ombre Hair topper by Mysecret Wig:


  • Creates volume
  • Easy to wear
  • Natural Human hair
  • Custom color
  • Affordable
  • Your choice of parting
  • Natural looking hair


  • People who have alopecia or no hair at all won’t be able to wear this as it requires bio hair to hold.

Clearly, the pros outweighs the cons and this is the reason Hair topper is a great choice for you ladies all there! For me Hair Topper is a Win!

It is cheaper than the usual wigs because less hair, less money right?  Wearing wigs in the scorching heat can be one hell of a  task for most women out there, with a hair topper ,however,  only a part of your head is covered, which not only makes it easy and light to wear but also enables your hair to breathe. Toppers are designed in a way that it lets you decide which way you want to part your hair, whether it be middle, right or left.  No wonder the sales of this particular hair tool are so high on

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