ANDRIA Lace Front Wigs Straight Hair Glueless Lace Wigs Synthetic Long Silk Straight Natural Wig Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Orange Ginger Wig With Baby Hair For Black Women 24 Inches


About this item Orange wig Coloful lace front wigs ginger straight wigs with high quality synthetic lace fro 100% breathable lace frontal cap within the swiss lace in the frontal make you feel comfortable when you wear it, the lace front wigs synthetic wigs Medium brown lace color, Average Cap Size(22.5Inch) With Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs Easy to Take High quality swiss lace, strong and soft, never hurt skin. 24 Hours Online Service,After-Sales Service Guarantee.If You Have Any Questions,You Can Feel Free To Contact Me.I Will Do My Best To Help You.

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15.63 x 8.7 x 2.72 inches; 12.31 Ounces

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QingDao Andria Hair Products Co.,Ltd

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#2 in Hair Replacement Wigs

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10 reviews for ANDRIA Lace Front Wigs Straight Hair Glueless Lace Wigs Synthetic Long Silk Straight Natural Wig Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Orange Ginger Wig With Baby Hair For Black Women 24 Inches

  1. Hailey S.Hailey S.

    As a hobbyist cosplayer and a conceptual photographer, I’ve been wiggin’ out for years. (I couldn’t help it, sorry!) After buying the Andria Orange Natural Wavy wig in the color “ombre honey orange brown” my count is around eleven. I’ll say it now for the impatient researchers— this is one of my favorites. Can you say fabulous AND a terrific value? Plus, she is a beauty! I would purchase again, and I recommend it for a multitude of wig enthusiasts.In recent years, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. One of the unfortunate symptoms of these chronic conditions is hair loss or balding. My hair has been severely falling out and thinning, but I’m not yet to the stage of daily wig-wearing. That being said, this particular wig does not seem to be right for that purpose. It’s heavy, and, boy, is she thiccccc. That could be a pro for some people, depending on what you personally want from a wig. For me, it’s mostly a con because it makes the crown area seem a bit bulky, which looks unrealistic on me with my small head. The sheer volume of this piece is gorgeous, but it’s too hefty to wear every day. As time goes on, for styling purposes, this has the potential to become a positive as it’s unlikely that the wefts will show through if you put it half up or in braids.Another key point I want to address is the hairline. Not being a lace-front wig (which would allow you to create your own hairline), means it looks less realistic in general, however, the hairline is tolerable. Not great, not horrible. Wearing a cute beanie or some type of hat over it would address both the slight hairline issue and the substantial crown area to make people more apt to mistake it for your real hair.Now, let’s get to the stuff I love about this wig. The texture is absolutely gorgeous. She’s touchable, she’s flowy, she doesn’t poke your skin all over the place (ahem, Halloween store wigs, I’m talking to you!) The color is killer. The waves are natural-looking, supple, soft. I’m going to reiterate because I can’t stress this enough— the COLOR. It’s perfect. When wearing this wig, I feel like a cosmic butterfly faerie princess, and, if you can’t tell, that’s a good thing! So far, the wig doesn’t seem to shed very much, yet another thing to love about this baby. As a wig wearer and buyer, I feel like customer pictures help the most when I decide to buy or not buy a wig, so I’ve attached some photos to show what I’m talking about.The biggest pro is the price! I have a few pieces on which I’ve spent over one hundred dollars (in the wig world, prices can go much higher than this even) and for $19.99, this wig rivals some of the more expensive pieces in my collection. Only my lace-fronts trump this one. It’s staggering how lovely this piece is for that price. It’s unbeatable. This wig would be perfect for a first-time buyer, a cosplayer, a model in a photoshoot, anyone who plans on wearing hats or headbands (or even a crown, you queen!) with their wig, for a Halloween costume, someone who wants to feel super flirty and have fun, or anyone who isn’t concerned about convincing the public that they aren’t wearing a wig.Overall, this wig is stunning, it’s cost-effective, it’s fun, and wearing it makes me feel more confident (a trait I believe will translate to helping others as well). What’s not to love about all of that? Besides the possibility of not fooling people into thinking this is your real hair due to the hairline, this wig can be used for anything. Shoddy, itchy, tangly wigs at Halloween stores cost more than this gorgeous unit and this piece is not on the same planet as those three adjectives. It’s worth it to feel beautiful or get creative. Buy it!

  2. Tina stapleton

    Absolutely love this wig, it is one of my favorites if not favorite. Only thing I had to alter was the ear tabs but thats normal for just about anyone.

  3. Chris hillockChris hillock

    Got this for a color theme bachelorette night and I got a lot of compliments. I would wear it again if I needed green hair for something. Shipped fast and affordable.

  4. La-TeishaLa-Teisha

    I absolutely love this wig and I will definitely buy this exact color again and the black and white one.Ladies you have no idea how many compliments from men and women.only thing I wish it was human. But yes yes yes

  5. RayseannaRayseanna

    Love love loveeee. The hair is very nice to be sympathetic. I installed it myself and had no problems. The softness & quality of the hair isIncredible. 10/10 would buy again.

  6. Kae Kae

    I got so many compliments. I was able to wear it for more than 2 weeks. I felt like a completely different person and I love the color!

  7. SarahSarah

    Fast shipping on wig, absolutely love the color and feel of the wig. Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance! Will be buying more from this buyer!!

  8. TywandaTywanda

    I have it pulled back into a ponytail but it’s nice. It’s just like the photos in the ad.

  9. TeriTeri

    Uber soft and manageable! Super easy to brush with no shedding. Thick. Looks natural when you style it like you normally would. Love the metal combs! I bout this one first and ordered a different color after I received it. Not as pictured. The color is not as pictured. It is has a coppercolor I was NOT expecting…but I love it! (So does hubby) Super easy to brush with no shedding. Thick. Looks natural when you style it like you normally would. Love the metal combs! I bout this one first and ordered a different color, the highlighted one, exact same style. Well, I bought the highlighted one first. (Then, a few days later I ordered the one pictured) IDENTICAL STYLE, LOVED it! So soft, no shedding. Do use a real wig brush…it makes a huge difference with any wig. My natural hair is extremely (mid butt despite having hubby chop of 18 inches of hair) long, thick, curly. As gorgeous as my hair is, it is HOT! More so where I live. I wear wigs a lot just for a different look, or heat excetera. I took both of mine out, like always, inspected it, gently brushed it then sprayed it with water to refresh the waves, added a a few sprays…a little goes a long way…of a Nexus spray on conditioner. (I hang mine upside down after washing or styling it it, can’tbe easier!)The thing I adore is with the built in combs, it fits securely as well as the adjustable straps. When you put either one on …So easy to part, style. Easy to change the part with no one able to tell the difference. Just super lightly, I mean really lightly, mist the ends and area where it might get Frizzed out from movement, dancing, general friction with a decent spray (I use Bix Sexy.) You don’t have to because and any firm hold Hairspray will work. I would definitely recommend using a aerosol spray. Pump sprays put too much product on it. No one wants crunchy hair with waves and curls. Not good for the wigs either and it makes their care a PITA.I wish that the had more color choices…all the other “normal” blondes various shades highlits and tones and other natural colors. Also,with colors as well as. Purples, pinks, ombre in the same exact style and cap as these two. I will upload pictures of the highlighted one with fringe that is identical.❤❤ Wish they had more options…I would buy many more! Insanely great wigs for the price.!

  10. Traci ScottTraci Scott

    NEW UPDATE: ORANGE WIGS WITH BANGSI PURCHASED THE ORANGE WIG AND WHEN I RECEIVED IT NOVEMBER 9 I WAS EXCITED BECAUSE I HAD ORDERED FROM ANOTHER WIG STORE ON AMAZON AN ORANGE WIG JUST LIKE THIS ONE BUT I HAD TO SEND IT BACK BECAUSE IT WASN’T CONSTRUCTED RIGHT. THE COLOR ON THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WAS HAPPY TO SEE ANDRIA HAD THIS COLOR. BUT WHEN I TRIED IT ON I WAS SO UPSET BECAUSE OF THE POOR CONSTRUCTION ON THIS WIG. THERE VERY LITTLE HAIR ON THE FRONT SIDES OF THE WIG. YOU CAN JUST LIFT UP THE SIDE OF THE WIG AND YOU COULD SEE THE WEFTS. I AM SO CRUSHED BECAUSE I WANT THIS COLOR WIG SO BADLY. THE COLOR IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND JUST LIKE WHAT I WAS BORN WITH.PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER WIG IN THIS COLORUPDATE HONEY WIG WITH BANGSI have been wearing this wig for two days now and it is still great. It does tangle a bit but it is easy to untangle. I wanted to show how it completely covers my hand from side burn to side burns and my red hair isn’t showing. So I can tuck the hair behind my ears and no one knows it is a wig still!!!Now you can’t Separate in the middle but it is still a great wig love this wig. It is true to color. When I received it, it was very soft and I could easily run my fingers through it. Today I put it on to try it out. I live in Florida and this is the perfect place to review wigs!! First off the cap itself is made just like a lace front and that is a great thing. The wefts do not sure especially on the sides. The bangs a little long but that is fine. I just pushed the wig back a little bit so I wouldn’t have to cut them. The curl pattern lasted after several combines but the ends are starting to dry a little bit. But I haven’t washed it yet. I used a tiny bit of Vaseline on my wet hands and massaged it into the ends. Now it did have a couple of nKnots after a couple of hours which is really good for a synthetic wig. More people have complement me on this wig but were very surprised to see that it is a wig. The top is nice but could use a little plucking. It is thick enough to look like real hair and it does flow like real hair. It is also easy to pull back for a ponytail but have patience with it and take your time. It does shed a tiny bit. Overall I am very pleased with this wig and I would highly recommend buying this wigI do wish they had this style in a true platinum blonde

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